Consumer Electronics

Service product application domain Smart watches, mobile phones, notebook computers, digital cameras, PDA, PC, smart wear, LCD TV LCD, CD, etc. Type of service product Protective film, waterproof cushion, headphone/microphone dustproof net, cushion cushion, conductive foam, thermal conductive silica gel, copper foil, conductive cloth with adhesive, high-temperature adhesive paper, double-sided adhesive, PET and other electronic accessories.

Industrial manufacturing

Service product application domain Automobile manufacturing and other industrial manufacturing fields Type of service product Double-sided tape, foam tape, transfer tape, silicone material, car logo, sound-absorbing material, adhesive tape, damping aluminum foil tape, etc.

The medical field

Service product application domain Medical dressings industry Type of service product Plaster, bandage, plaster cloth, plaster, plaster, health care paste, foot paste, medicine magnetic paste, etc.

Packaging and printing field

Service product application domain Packaging and printing industry Type of service product Pharmaceutical packaging, food packaging, greeting cards, coupons, tickets, packing boxes, signage liquid, packaging, packaging materials, etc

Daily-use areas

Service product application field Life office paper, household articles. Type of service product Label tags, cosmetic paper, tobacco and alcohol packaging, tobacco and alcohol labels, paper towels, insoles, facial masks, eye masks, sanitary napkins, etc.

Internet of Things

Service product application domain Logistics transfer, fixed assets management, access control identification, medical information tracking, etc. Type of service product RFID electronic tag
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